Thursday, March 25, 2010

Top 10 Daily Italian Newspapers

According to the most recent statistics, there are slightly over 10 million Italian periodicals appearing in Italy, however only a very small percentage of these are daily newspapers which provide general daily news coverage while the rest of them deal with subjects like sports, arts, labor unions and professional areas.

These are the top 10 newspapers in Italy today and their daily circulation:

1. Corriere della Sera 718,000
2. La Repubblica 648,000
3. La Gazzetta dello Sport 458,000
4. Il Sole 24 Ore 410,000
5. La Stampa 399,000
6. Il Messaggero 292,000
7. Corriere dello Sport 285,000
8. Il Giornale 235,000
9. Il Resto del Carfino 188,000
10. La Nazione 155,000

In addition to the daily newspapers dealing with general news information, there are 482 weekly, 384 biweekly, and 2148 monthly magazines. The widest circulated weeklies dealing with general news coverage are Panorama and L'Espresso who are owned by Mediaset-Berlusconi Group and the La Republica group and reflect the current political trends of press coverage.

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